Asset Surveying

  • Asset Detection and Mapping
  • Sighting Distances
  • Vegetation Profiling
  • 3D Profiling

A detailed knowledge of all assets and their location on rail track is extremely important for renewals and maintenance. Given the high cost of gathering this information frequently, few rail companies have a detailed asset register. The standard approach to surveying assets on rail tracks involves imaging track on a moving vehicle and manually tagging the video data as a post-processing step to highlight assets. At this stage, further information on each asset can also be input. Obviously this process is very time consuming and expensive.

Rail Vision technology for asset surveying involves automated image understanding. Train-borne videos are split into individual images. Our software tools automatically detect assets in images based on the analysis of their shape, texture and colour. The overall time taken for asset detection is significantly reduced using this automated approach. The output of the survey is available through a database (SQL/Oracle). Associated tools allow the user to query and retrieve information from this database as needed. We also provide asset maps using Geographic Information System (GIS) interface (rail route-maps (if available)) or superimposed on Google-maps. Once the asset survey is completed, the information can be used on its own (through GIS maps viewed on desktop computers or PDA devices), or exported to other applications that need it.