Rail Vision is an innovation driven company. From its early days, the company has grown to become a leader in the area of automated visual track inspection systems using camera and laser technologies to recognise track defects and make highly accurate measurements. Its systems have been used in the field for analysing thousands of miles of track per year on a variety of platforms operating up to full line speeds. Rail Vision provides end to end solutions for its systems including quality control for all data analysis to provide its customers with the data that can be used directly for maintenance planning. Its efforts are focussed on delivering reliable, robust and provide cost-effective information which is not possible through other modes of inspection and is too expensive or impossible to get with manual track walking. The systems offered by Rail Vision reduce operator costs by performing inspection at line speeds requiring less possession time to make measurements and detect track faults. The output is objective and easy to audit over time.

Rail Vision has worked closely with leading international rail companies on providing seamless end-to-end systems. It has developed systems for mainline railways, underground and tramways demonstrating the breadth of technology application across continents including Americas, Europe and Asia.